DeepOcean offers extensive knowledge and experienced staff, together with specialised tools and data processing suites to provide efficient and highly accurate survey and seabed-mapping services. With a range of surveys available, DeepOcean continues to investing in the latest techniques and tools required by the industry. Read more

    With a considerable track record and as a leader of innovation, DeepOcean’s knowledge of trenching products and intervening with the seabed is second to none. With the largest independent fleet of jet trenching ROV’s, mechanical tractors and ploughs our solutions are driven by the geotechnical knowledge of what is required rather than the constraints of available technology. Read more

    Providing a full range of solutions for HVAC and HVDC cables, flexibles, umbilical’s and subsea modular structures, DeepOcean can deliver solutions from shallow water beach landings to the deepest offshore sites with its advanced installation and construction vessels. Read more
  • IMR

    Years of experience has allowed DeepOcean to develop detailed knowledge and methodologies to effectively survey, record, track, trend and inform the lifetime management of subsea infrastructure. DeepOcean provides a framework of services to inspect, and then maintain and repair, all types of subsea infrastructure. Read more

    DeepOcean is focused on providing new and evolving technologies and services to the decommissioning market. An area where our skills and competence have proved to be of great value is within subsea structural decommissioning and recovery. Utilising our DPII construction vessels and our ability to drive ROV tool innovation, DeepOcean has developed some of the latest solutions to deal with the challenges of this emerging industry. Read more



View the DeepOcean Corporate Film on our YouTube Account. The film provides an introduction to our products and services and our fun, dynamic and winning culture!



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